So the story goes....

Mike was travelling across Vancouver Island and stumbled upon a remote pub for a bite to eat.  This pub was receiving notoriety by serving steaks covered with a home made Belgian beer butter sauce. Mike’s taste buds were awakened and asked the chef to share the secret of these amazing flavours he was enjoying. The chef shared it was the black garlic in the butter that added such a unique flavour. Mike immediately made it his quest to locate a reliable source, after searching high and low he was finally forced to take it upon himself to develop and start making his own Black Garlic.

 One day Mike shared his passion for black garlic with a his buddy Robin, being an impassioned foodie was driven to help perfect our process for Baba's black garlic. Together they set out on a quest of testing and experimenting to make the best black garlic available. Soon they perfected the process and Baba's Black Garlic was born. 

Baba's Black Garlic now meets and exceeds the standard of taste sought out by our team. Mike & Robin have now set out to share Baba's Black Garlic with the world and hope that everyone will soon enjoy this amazing ingredient.